January 1, 2013

2012 RetroSpective: Looking Back to Look Forward

Happy New Year!! Yesterday, as everyone was in a rush to move on from 2012 and embrace 2013, I couldn't let 2012 pass by without recognizing what a great year it was.

Even with acknowledging the tremendous losses (such as legendary icons as Whitney Houston and Donna Summer), the tragedies of the shootings in our communities as in Sandy Hook, the devastation from natural disasters, the politics as usual childish games in DC that impact the lives of my family/neighbors who still remain underemployed or job and the fiscal crisis that continues into the 2013 new year (I could go on), I also witnessed the beautifulness of humanity from my window (especially during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy) and, connected with so many people and places.

The Music...its rhythm, lo's and highs move me, change me and take me to a better place. Ledisi and Eric Benet showed us live and in color a "LOVE SERMON", Lili Roquelin showed you her love of the "BEAUTIFUL SUN", Kameron Corvet shouted "F_CK LOVE", ArinMaya urged you to "BE YOU - BE BEAUTIFUL", Peter Hadar serenaded you to "TAKE OFF YOUR VICTORIA", Jesse Boykins III defined why he is the "ZULU GURU", Szjerdene revealed her "PATCHWORK" EP, Navasha Daya sang into your heart about being "REBIRTHED ABOVE GROUND", Dawn Richard unsheathed her "Armor On", Choklate showed us how to be "FLY", LaSonya Gunter blessed us with "LOVE & MUSIC", Jose James teased us for two nights in Harlem and with his "It's All Over Your Body" EP. And in 2012, the masses were introduced to the (not-so) new voices of the independent music movementDaley, Ginette Claudette, Caprice StarBRITE, Jennah Bell, Tess Santos, Candice Anitra and Lianne La Havas.

Artist: Dawn Richard
The Culture....its the embodiment of a community breathing life into a nation. The tasting of the eateries of Brooklyn at the ultimate foodie event hosted by Brooklyn Exposed, Spike Lee welcomed folks to Brooklyn (once again) in his fictional film "Red Hook Summer" and he strolled us down memory lane with his epic Michael Jackson documentary "BAD25", Martina and Frank showcased abstract art right here in Brooklyn via their amazing art shows at MF Gallery, Harlem hosted the first annual Harlem Arts Festival at Marcus Garvey Park with art located in every crevice of the park, Pachi Tamer introducing the world to his photography series "One Dollar Dreams" that give a voice to those without, the living Hip Hop legend Ice T birthed the documentary "The Art of Rap", musical senses were indulged with the remake of the Porgy & Bess opera, Harlem saw the doors shutter at the HueMan Bookstore; a historic literary resource, Brooklyn witnessed the Great Googa Mooga, Nhojj embraced you into his life with his documentary "Music & the Word", Broadway witnessed the 2012 remake of the "Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway, Amanda Seales gave her definition of a DIVA in her one-woman play, folks reminisced on the music and history of Bob Marley in the self-titled documentary, exciting folk connected at the Meet the Afropolitans plenary of the Social Media Week annual event.

"Meet the Afropolitans" Social Media Week Event [2012]
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
The Travel...its the passport to another place to explore the culture, music, language and pulse of the people of that region. The duo of Street Etiquette does it quite well with its new web travel series "Travel Etiquette". Mario Nicholas took us to places less traveled through his "Mario on The Go" web series. And I also trekked the streets of NYC and beyond in my own special way with travel escapades in my hometown via my post on summer sights/sounds and the "How Did I End Up Here?" blog series throughout the year (the last trip ended at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens). Also, I traveled Me to the  Hamptons for the first time for wine, shopping and a bit of exploration of the scenic destination. Lastly, I took a two week journey half way across the world to Hawaii

Kona Island in Hawaii [2012]
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
2012 gave me so much life! The one lesson that I carry into the new year is to live in each moment and be appreciative of what that moment represents - personal growth, indulging of the senses or seeing/hearing something new.

What will you bring from the 2012 year that once was into the 2013 year that has yet to become?

In Peace,