September 30, 2012


With his directorial debut, Ice T illustrates the creative and historical foundation of the Hip Hop culture in "The Art of Rap".

If you are a lover of this genre, this documentary will put you in an instant nostaglia - tripping off of the "back in the day" memories when you were growing up in the infancy, crescendo and rebirth of hip hop. But this film serves to, mainly, educate the informed and ill-informed on the definition of an MC, to recognize the equally respected & gifted voices of hip hop, and to dig deeper into the psyche of a hip hop artist - see how they make/create/build within their craft.

I kick myself for missing the chance to have seen this in the theater luckily for me ITunes was on my side. ;)

If you have not seem this yet, you can purchase/rent it on ITunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc. In the meantime, check the trailer below.