October 16, 2012

EAR CANDY: Choklate "FLY"

There are very few artists that continually create that feel-good-deep-down-in-ya-soul music, Choklate being one of them.

Today, marks the release of her EP entitled "FLY" - This EP is baad! The collaborations with Phonte (Little Brother & The Foreign Exchange) and Musiq Soulchild makes me crave more from this amazing lady. Can you blame me?

Here's the tracklist rundown:
Track One: "Fly" - This title track encompasses what Choklate meant by naming this EP "Fly"...she sings from the utmost part of her heart about the inner beauty, spirituality, musical journey and motivation that resides within. 
Track Two: "Carbon Copy" - She says in the hook, "Just do you..." Don't be a imitation of someone else but be the original version of you. Love this message & the harmony isn't bad either :) 
Track Three: "The Stand Pt 1" - You cannot help but head nod to this and sing the hook. The duet with Musiq was perfect for this jam. 
Track Four: "Wide Open" - The horns is a throwback to the days when we used to dance when "that song" was blasting from your speakers. The love sounds coming from this - lyrically & rhythmically - is epic nostalgia. 
Track Five: "Win" - This song is truly my new anthem in the morning (..and I'll learn Phonte's rap eventually.."to the critics and the pundits.." ha!) .