October 13, 2012

ART PROJECTS WE LOVE: Pachi Tamer "One Dollar Dreams"

Via Instagram I was introduced to the work of photographer, Pachi Tamer (@cachafaz on IG) as he posts powerful images of the homeless with his project "One Dollar Dreams". 

His imagery's purpose is not to make you pity the less fortunate for a half a second or urge you to give a dollar and keep it moving. What his work does is forcing you to see the individuals that he captures as human beings like you that happen to have less and are sharing their story - their dreams of what we often take for granted. 

With an approach of compassion and love, Pachi casts a light onto these unknown faces from across the world - bringing them into our small worlds and reminding us of the fortunes that we have in our own lives and to consider helping him help someone else to achieve their dream (big or small).

Side Note: Check this interview with Pachi for more information and what inspired him to create this project.


Pachi Tamer, Photographer