April 30, 2012

SYNCH LADIES THEATER REVIEW: "A Streetcar Named Desire" (2012)

The Synch Ladies embarked on a well deserved theater run of the infamous Tennessee Williams love-tragedy, A Streetcar Named Desire.'  Of course you remember the infamous roles played by Marlon Brando and Vivian Leigh and the countless productions over the years played by many actors, but for the first time on Broadway, it was brought back with a talented African American cast who undoubtedly gave these characters a new voice. 

Fans of the incomparable literary work of Tennessee Williams will truly find it a pleasure to see the charismatic Blair Underwood in his
Broadway debut as the rough & tumble and baring it all '
Stanley'; Nicole Ari Parker (also in her Broadway debut) as the distressful yet alluring 'Blanche'; the reserved and loving 'Stella' played by Daphne Rubin-Vega (Rent) who brought heartfelt tears and emotion in trying to keep her sanity through the trials of her relationship with her husband and sister and the hopeless romantic, 'Mitch', played by Wood Harris (The Wire).  Sticking to the original script we all remember, there was a bit of a 21st century flair coupled with the superb addition of the music score by Jazz Trumpter and Composer, Terrance Blanchard and it was nothing short of amazing.

Now, we know this is a review of this incomparable production and not about the theater goers, but if we could just get a bit of etiquette, instead of the cat-calls when skin is bared and the late comers, all would be perfect in a perfect world; but we'd be asking too much, yes? 

All in all, the carefully woven story of heartbreak, betrayal, deceit and hope was performed with the epitome of grace and that's all we should expect and what you'll get. 

With a limited run, we urge you to drop, roll and dash to the Broadhurst Theater before the engagement ends to get your chance to experience this casts' stellar performances. 

~Synchronized Rhythm~