March 31, 2012

PLAY: Amanda Seales Is Not a DIVA!

Last night, Amanda Seales, in her one woman show "Death of The Diva" illustrated the systematic 'Demise of the Independent Valued Aspiration' other words known as the DIVA.

Amanda did not hold back on dissecting what killed the goodness of what it meant to be called a diva. The word diva was a term of endearment and reverence at one point in time but along the way it evolved into a shameful stereotype and we are all to blame for having a hand in that.

I commend her for creating this forum to speak about our truth that needed to be seen, heard, confronted then digested. Her show made you take pause. While you will laugh at the ridiculousness of our animated hollyweird reality, you also cringe at the devastative rippling effect that our missteps in imagery has had on our youth of today. They were robbed of positive female images in entertainment to look up to that we often took for granted growing up. It's true that those positive women do exist but they are so far and few between, and not as glamorized as the preferred norm.

As you watch Amanda captivate the crowd with her animated musings or her vocal interludes (the woman has some serious pipes!), you couldn't sit in that audience without head nodding, humming as if you were in a pew getting the daily word. This was truly an experience to be had!

Check her show dates at (the run ends this Sunday, April 1st - but I hope that with continued support that it is extended indefinitely and shown across the country!). A must-see!!

Side note: Much props to music director, Ray Angry; director, Roger Jeffrey; artistic director, Marvin Thomas; and Amanda's live band - Dwayne Wright, Kevin Williams Jr., and Corey Bernhard!!