May 22, 2012

EAR CANDY: The Name Is....TESS

If you didn't know her name before, you will know it after listening to her debut EP "The Name Is Tess". Tess Santos released her creative Hip Rock-n-B EP to the masses last week Friday at her listening party at the Ella Lounge in NYC.

With this EP, she shows the world that she encompasses a fiery synergy of passionate sass that cannot be harnessed by one genre alone. I absolutely love artists that leave people dumbfounded (what just happened?), curious (who is THAT?!) and amped (this right here-dopeness!). 

This EP is eclectic with audacious tracks like "Cut Open", "Whore" and "Danger" to the gritty yet vulnerable "Morphine". And I can't get enough of her bonus track "Haunted" about the crazy tailspin that love leaves you in - its a stripped down acoustic with Tess' emotional vocals and the guitar strings.

Over the past few years the young artist has toured internationally with Deemi, JT Taylor (of Kool & the Gang), Atlantic Star, and has worked with Nona Hendryx, Musiq Soulchild, Joel Ortiz among others.

The dues that she has paid and the sacrifices that she has endured all were not done in vain. This EP is a testament to her hardcore work ethic, devotion to her craft and her evolution into the artist that she has (and will) become!


SIDE NOTE: Check her remake of "Sweet Dreams"!