December 30, 2012

Ear Candy: WINTER SOULSTICE - Peter Hadar|Jesse Boykins|Jesse Fischer|Navasha Daya|Skye|Dawn Richard

Winter has made her official debut and is not backing down. She came in with a roar and I ran inside to the safety of my quilt along with a hot cup of rooibos tea to keep the warmth close to my skin. That week was also the same week when I was terribly ill - so what ails a tortured soul? Music. 

For me, the sounds that pulsated from my speakers soothed me ten times better than any western medicine can ever do. I focused my healing on the words being sung not the pain that made me weary.

A playlist without Peter Hadar is not complete. Period. Earlier this year, he released his "Take Off Victoria" project with much fanfare and its the go-to CD during times when I'm in a not-so-good mood. Peter's overall sound from the endless ballads to the dance tracks inspires you to chorus, swoon, sway and twist your waist  - solo or with a dance partner (your choice). 

Jesse Boykins latest release "Zulu Guru" is another amazing chapter of the growing love movement – a phrase that he personifies yet shares with his fellow comrades in music. The imagery of his lyrics is seamless as a dream that you wish that would not end. This track introduced me to the voice that is Mara Hruby – her presence added so much breadth to this powerful, inspiring song….(“let’s take this time to paint our design”).

Jesse Fischer’sRetro Future” CD is so dynamic! Check my recent review. When this track started, a surge of warmth came over me with every chord, clash of the percussion, impenetrable sax solo and, the rise and fall of the band in unison. 

Navasha Daya, formerly of Fertile Ground, has that voice that cuts through the most crowded space. She recently released her “Rebirthed Above Ground” EP that speaks, screams, shouts jazz rhythms, soul-funkiness, rock folk storytelling and vocal acrobatics. This track was a perfect following. If you have not already, please download a copy of her EP on Bandcamp.

Skye Edwards, lead vocalist of Morcheeba, recently released her CD “Back to Now” with leading track “Featherlight”. Her current project gives us her uncanny vocals and harmonies reminincst of the Morcheeba magic yet it embodies Skye’s style as a solo artist. You can download the 13-track CD on ITunes.

Dawn Richard released her EP "Armor On" earlier this year and been tantalizing her fans since then with visual stimulating videos and numerous singles that make you love her music even more. This track from her EP has always intrigued me and its a song that is sensuous yet subtle in delivery. Be sure to stay tuned for more music fro Dawn in 2013 - in mid January 2013, she will release her first debut CD "GoldenHeart". 

SIDE  NOTE: By this time in the playlist, that I admittedly replayed a bit, I'm on my second cup of tea and ready to brave the cold Brooklyn winds for some fruits, veggies, ginger root to continue the healing process. As I wrapped up to head out, I feel the harsh winds bearing down on me - I almost convince myself to retreat inside but I press "play" and march forward.

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