October 8, 2012

EAR CANDY: La Sonya Gunter "Love & Music"

Recently, La Sonya Gunter released her latest project "Love & Music" and this project is a soulful blend of two of my favorite things.

The cd kicks off with the uptempo, groove "Is It Love" instantly setting the mood. I have to admit, I was introduced to LaSonya after seeing her perform at a NYC venue well after her debut "BlackGerl" and soon after her second release "CrazyBeautiful". So I'm hopping on the love train for LaSonya a little late but I cannot deny the power in her voice and her rock-n-soul combo is beyond comparison. 

With her "Love & Music" release, she continues t0 build her style and sings ever so passionately about what we all want and sometimes cannot have through music. She's an amazing lyricist! 

With LaSonya's sultry voice, crazy harmonies and stirring lyrics, this project draws you in from the very first chord.