March 10, 2012

FILM: "MARLEY" - The Bob Marley Story

If anyone deserves a documentary is the legendary man himself, Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, the music that pulsating the streets especially in the summer at block and house parties was reggae music inspired by Bob Marley. Mr. Marley was (and still is) a religion, so to speak. The first few chords of any Marley song transports you into a euphoria without the assistance of a particular His music moves masses and souls onto a positive journey.  

This befitting film entitled "Marley" pays homage to the man, his music and his love of being rooted from an island in the heart of the Caribbean. With interviews with Marley, his family, children as well as unreleased footage of music and concert performances, we get a glimpse into his life a bit more and ponder what could've been if he had lived beyond his passing in 1981. 

The film hits theaters and will be released on Itunes on 4/20/12.