February 15, 2012


Music provocateur, Peter Hadar, released his latest project, " Take Off Victoria" on Valentines Day. The timing couldn't be perfect.

Peter always seems to amaze me. Each of his projects are self contained and vary in it's technique to get you off your feet.

"Take Off Victoria" sounds like a retro homage to the 80's. It's a futuristic, house-inspired throwback to an era that I relish. His lyrics circle around sensual themes- err hence the title about a woman disrobing from her Victoria's whether in the physical form or the metaphysical.

When you hear tracks like "Body" or "Move It" your only response is to gyrate. Great ingredients for a dope house party. Or when you're alone with your significant, tracks like "Shiny & Oily" is a precursor to a wondrous evening.

Sidenote: While writing this review and listening to this EP, I missed my train stop on my way to the office but shrugged it off, turned up the volume and kept it moving. Yup! It's that serious!