November 2, 2012

POST HURRICANE SANDY: Rebuild.Restore.Recover

Sandy's Aftermath in Haiti
Photo: MINUSTAH/Logan Abassi
The path of Sandy's wrath stretched from Jamaica to Haiti to the southern tip of the United States to New York then to Canada. Her reach was powerful and her impact was (and is) just as devastating.

I'm sure you've seen the countless accounts in the news and in social media of the effects of Hurricane Sandy. My heart aches.

And as we here in New York City slowly but surely bounce back we can’t help but to reflect in order to assess what was destroyed, give thanks for our blessings, remember loved ones lost, face the hard reality of starting over and picking up the pieces to move forward.

Me, Caprice, our friends and families are safe and were very fortunate. For that, we are truly thankful. Our hearts go out to the families and communities that are suffering. We feel your pain and are with you.

Sandy's Aftermath in Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Volunteers along with The National Guard were in Coffey Park today bringing a total of 25,000 MRE's
and 30,000 bottles of water to residents.
We urge everyone who was as fortunate as we were, to count your blessings and find out how you can help those in need as they continue to struggle to carry on. Below are some resources that I gathered from local officials that you can refer to give your time and/or provide resources to:

NYC Service: 

New York Cares: 
Occupy Sandy Relief: 
Brooklyn Community Foundation: 
Transit Forward:
Rockaway Waterfront Alliance: 
The Red Hook Initiative: 
The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City: 
The Red Cross:

I also urge you to reach out to your local officials for additional volunteer and donation resources in your area.