August 12, 2012


Red Hook Summer, a new Spike Lee Joint was released this weekend in NYC about a kid, Flik Royale, who is visiting the Brooklyn hood for the summer to spend time with a distant relative and unravels truths about his family's dark past.

It is undoubtedly clear that Flik doesn't want to be there. He is Atlanta born-bred, middle class youth thrust into the projects - a recipe for comical scenes like his boisterous reaction to his temporary abode featuring images of a white Jesus and other religious symbols that adorn the apartment of his grandfather, a high ranking member of the church, Bishop Enoch Rouse.  

Soon after he gets settled into Red Hook, hidden truths about himself and his family begin to unravel. Spike takes us on this journey very carefully as he weaves the various personalities of the residents of the 'Hook. I wanted him to dig a little deeper into the characters just for a spell to give us more than their stereotypical outward appearance of being a thug, wanna-be rapper, preacher of all sermons, single mother, curious youth girl and outspoken young boy. Spike did just that - he never disappoints! If you don't know these people-types beyond what you hear or read, you definitely left the theater with knowing a bit more.

I commend Spike Lee for creating an in-depth cinematic masterpiece that spoke loudly about religious balance in a world of the faithless and the overwhelming poverty-struggle as well as preaching about the secrets of truth coming to light regardless how much you try to "cover it up". 

Aside from painful secrets being uncovered, there was a burgeoning friendship between Flik and Chazz, a young sassy girl from the projects being raised by her mother a vocal member of the church that Bishop Enoch presides. Initially the youths clashed but they found a common ground by way of Carmelo Anthony. He showed her his Atlanta through his eyes and she showed him Red Hook, Brooklyn through hers. This is the most beautiful part of this film.

I highly recommend that you see this film during these last days of summer in a theater near you! 

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.