December 1, 2012

EAR CANDY: DALEY "Alone Together" EP

I was introduced to Daley (bka Gareth Daley) from his video on VH1 which is the title track from his latest project “Alone Together” EP.

Daley is a British singer and songwriter from Manchester. Over the years, he’s built his reputation as a passionate, experimental vocalist as well as an equally gifted, creative writer. He released his first mixtape back in 2010 entitled Those Who Wait giving fans a taste of what is to come from his recent EP.

This year, he released his first EP “Alone Together” - filled with something for everyone to stir their soul with. On the title track, he and Marsha Ambrosius vocal-play with their respective love interests – a perfect duet match much like Peaches & Herb or Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack.

The next track “Blame the World” is a confrontation with a scorned past love – Daley hits every note with this homage to the classic soul era. The track that follows this is “Game Over” which is very playful as he serenades his love and his heart invested into the beautifulness that has blossomed (love this!). Daley then follows with “Remember Me” as he croons to a past love about what could have been with a funky bass line and backed by fellow UK artist Jessie J’s power vocals.

The last track is “Those Who Wait” which is my favorite because he is telling his story and how he carved his place in music with the ups/downs that came along with it.

Let me say this…Daley should not be compared to another artist – no artist should be for that matter. 
He’s so refreshing. He’s different, edgy with depth in what he offers in his music. To compare him would be downright unfair. He deserves your full unbiased attention. 

Take a listen to the EP and connect with Daley (Twitter, Facebook). There is so much more in store from Daley….stay tuned!