April 7, 2012


London siren, Szjerdene, released her latest EP titled "Patchwork". Recently I checked her video "Blue Lullaby" and my interest was further piqued - Who is Szjerdene? (pronounced JhurDEEN)

Her style is refreshing, different in a great way. Her voice is indescribable. Her music arrangements are simply beautiful. The only way to closely categorize her style is as Electro Soul. In this EP, she gingerly mixes sounds of soul, folk inspired melodies to create a multi-layered “Patchwork” of harmonies and stories that leave you entranced.

I can’t stop listening to “Patchwork” from beginning to end. If I simply had to pick a favorite track of the moment it would have to be ‘4th Stranger’. When you hear it you immediately start to sway to this love-tease. It’s the more uptempo tracks of this EP.

This is just a taste of what is to come from her next project, her official album release coming soon to a website near you. In the meantime, enjoy tunes from "Patchwork" and if you are really a diehard music fan download her 2011 released singles 'If 6 Was 8' and 'Lead the Way'.