October 6, 2012


Jose James new release is quite an appetizer of the meal soon to come from his union with his new label with his first official release "No Beginning No End" under the Blue Note label. 

His latest project, It's All Over Your Body EP, is truly a delight for music fans or those who need/desire/crave something to groove to. This EP is another reminder of how gifted this brother is and how he has a knack for surrounding himself with equally as creatively blessed artists and fellow musicians.

The EP features three songs and two remixes of the title track. My absolute favorite of this EP is "Trouble". You can't help but to do a head nod and then some when this starts blasting. And the track "Come to My Door" a song written by and sung with Emily King. This love song sent me swooning and reminiscing about a summer that once was with every strum of the guitar. 

Jose will be releasing "No Beginning No End" in January 2013 and I cannot wait!