March 28, 2012


"From Intro to Outro, Dawn Richard's EP SLAYS!" - someone tweeted yesterday on the release date of Dawn Richard's debut entitled "Armor On".

Dawn is not new to music lovers and has paid her dues as a member of the R&B groups, Danity Kane & Dirty Money. As well as having done collaborations with other producers on varied mix tapes. She is now more than ready to fly solo with her debut EP.

Prior to the release of "Armor On" she released two singles that signaled what was to come. With the single "December Sky" she drew comparisons to Brandy, which is great company to be in. Next she released the "SMFU (Save Me From You)" single as well as a video showcasing her vocals as well as her dancing skills - I can only imagine what her live shows will be like!

"Armor On" has arrived giving us 100% Dawn for 10 solid tracks. Every track offers a different vibe from upbeat, dance tempo "Bombs" and "Heaven" to a love proclaimation "Scripture". I absolutely love "Scripture" it's very seductive, passionate yet subdued--very Sadesque. You can listen to this EP from start to finish and change your mind on which track is your favorite - its that good!

"Armor On" is the prolouge to Dawn's trilogy albums - Goldenheart, BlackHeart and RedemptionHeart.
 Yesterday, she officially released her new video for the hot track "Bombs" from her EP.