December 9, 2012

EAR CANDY: Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle "RETRO FUTURE"

Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle's latest project "Retro Future" has become part of my daily peaceful journey in the mornings. 

To classify this project as jazz fusion is the closest way to describe the sounds, rhythms and style that Jesse and his band brings forth. Jesse tapped on the talents of Chris Turner (on “Electric Ladyland” - love Chris' vocals on every I've heard him do) and Rachel Eckroth (on “Aquarius” - this track made me a bit curious about Rachel...nice remake!) as well built upon the euphoric sound that Soul Cycle has created over the years.

The band consists of Jesse Fischer (rhodes, moog, organ, additional keyboards, tambourine), Brian Hogans (alto sax, flute), Jean Caze (trumpet), Corey King (trombone), David Linaburg (guitar), Solomon Dorsey (bass), Gabriel Wallace (drums), Shawn Banks (percussion) and David Cutler (handclaps).

The incredible futuristic music pulsating into my ears every morning on my way to the office is just as invigorating as a strong cup of joe or spiced chai. 

Take a listen to one of my favorite tracks from this project - simply amazing!! 

SIDENOTE: Check out this awesome article on Revivalist (which is a site that I follow for my jazz music pleasures) - here Jesse does a track by track breakdown of what inspired each song and the creation process.