June 17, 2012


This is the most beautiful tapestry of life and love. ERIC BENET gave us 'The One'.

Prior to his latest project, he released the single "Harriett Jones". The single was just a mouthwatering taste of this amazing project to come from one of my favorite crooners. I mean he could sing about what he had for breakfast and I would gladly pay 99 cents for that single.

'The One' is those cd's that will get played over and over again until the proverbial tape pops. I simply love it! If I must pick my absolute favs from this release they would have to be mostly ballads (but of course) - "News for You", "Come Home to Me" (a duet with Tamia). "Runnin'", "Muzick" (a duet with his daughter, India), and "Real Love".

Out of all of Eric's releases 'The One' ranks up there with his debut featuring the to-die-for debut 'True To Myself' featuring the best-love-song-ever "Femininity". 

He's a true balladeer and he definitely showed his vocals out on this.