May 27, 2012

HOW DID I END UP HERE? La Vid (West Village)

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography

A glass of white wine in hand was the perfect way to end a long week and a great way to kickoff a holiday weekend! 

I left the job early to check out the Japanese flick "Battle Royale" at the IFC which opened its run this past Friday. Its pre-Hunger Games, more brutal and hilarious all rolled into one film. If you are a violent cinema enthusiast - I highly recommend!

Ok well the onslaught of violence gave me a bit of an appetite so I headed to my favorite Thai spot nearby - Beyond Thai Kitchen. I had the mango chicken breast salad. Spicy and delicious!

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Couldn't leave the village without something sweet to take home - although this time it didn't make it home.  I stopped by the new bakery on 6th called the Fay Da Bakery

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Lastly, I came across a wine tasting at the newest shop on the block, La Vid Wine and Spirits. The staff schooled me on the happenings of this place. Firstly, the free wine tastings are every evening from 6-9pm featuring reps from the varied wineries, which is key (the BEST promoter of your product is you!). Secondly, they don't carry the typical brands - no yellowtail Shiraz here but you will find wines from smaller and unknown wineries that taste just as great. Lastly, the price is right - I'm a wine connoisseur so I love (and appreciate) when I can save a few $$ on a superb bottle! 

I will definitely be back to try some of their Chilean brands.