June 17, 2012

RED HOOK's Brooklyn Crab Shack with a View

After making its debut this Spring, the Brooklyn Crab is the place to chill at in Brooklyn for seafood, for great sights to see and an escape from the busy Manhattan scenery.

I checked this place out yesterday during a much needed getaway to the shores of Brooklyn. They open its doors daily at 4pm and to my surprise the line was packed before then. As you can tell, the wait was a bit onerous for some but bearable for me on this gorgeous Spring/Summer day.  I was flying solo and I was initially hedging on leaving to settle on something to nosh on from Fairway considering that we were told the wait would be an hour, at least. But I'm so glad I stuck it out. One of the servers felt my inner angst and gave me a table with a lovely couple. While I waited for my shrimp, crabs and beet salad, I sipped on a yummy yet lethal strawberry daiquiri.

Between the cool breeze, dope view of the pier, bellowing laughter and pleasantries with my table mates, I realized that I will come back for more deliciousness even after experiences some minor flaws of this place (delayed set up of both bar areas and staggering hour plus waits for a thirsty hungry crowd is not a good look).  

The potential for Brooklyn Crab to be great is there. They have this "great escape" location (they offer shuttle bus service from the 61 bus stop and the Carroll St train station on the F/G lines for those not familiar with Red Hook), and they are the best seafood game in town (well in the area - tied with Redhook Lobster Pound on Van Brunt, of course).

I find this place a bit gutsy to use the moniker "Brooklyn" in its business name. But hey that's how Brooklyn does it. 

Definitely stop by Brooklyn Crab this summer - hope to see you there!


Photo Credit: Brooklyn Crab