May 6, 2012


I normally don't post about Hollyweird flicks b/c of the lack of quality being churned out lately. BUT I have to make an exception for the "Avengers". Yes its a remake but its a classic remake!

Marvel did a superb job with this from the cast (Sam Jackson and Robert Downey Jr...nuff said), the non-stop action sequences, crazy cinematography to the hilarity pauses. 

The flick stays true to the past histories of each character which was a huge concern of mine and didn't do that weird romantic deviation that Hollywood often tends to do with animated-turned-real films - let's kiss and fall in love in the middle of this explosion, shall we?

All in all the "Avengers" was a great film! A must-see!!!

Sidenote: My one wish is for the DC Comics to do a "Justice League" remake of equal scale then I will be total euphoric state!