April 29, 2012

HOW DID I END UP HERE? Takahachi Bakery

Sakura Cherry Blossom Macaroon!
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/Vysyn Photography
After an unsuccessful but earnest attempt to check out a film or two at this year's TriBeCa Film Festival, I celebrated my defeat on the last day of the festival with macaroons at the Takahachi Bakery

The day was like any day - gorgeous and sunny with families roaming about. But it really wasn't a typical day actually. I was on a mission like many of those along with me on the "line of hope" at the TriBeCa film venue on Varick St to see the film "Broke" - s/o to two dope sistas Sarah Fonteyne & Miss Baby Sol for filling this waiting game with hilarity! 

The line inched. And moved a little more while we waited ever so patiently. Alas our efforts were thwarted because we were then all turned away - all of the rush tickets were gone. Let me say while I do understand the event sponsors schtick and VIP thing but it's just totally unfair! (Ok my emotional rant is done) 

Line of Hope @ the Tribeca Film Fest
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/Vysyn Photography
All was not lost though. We strolled along Canal Street - diving through the crowded sidewalks, diverting the bag vendors like crazy as well as the plethora of perfume sellers. We ended up having an early dinner at my favorite Asian fusion restaurant off of Canal Street, Jaya Malaysian, for some Chinese, Malaysian & Thai cuisine. There was silence and little chatter at the table while we noshed #realtalk lol 

After we rubbed our bellies, we went our separate ways and I headed south on Broadway to the unknown snapping pics along the way. 

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/Vysyn Photography
I sometimes forget how fierce the architecture in this city really is. The arches, angles & heights. Sick! 

Anyway while building marveling and doing the usual people watching I developed this insatiable thirst for dessert. I checked my Yelp and found that the Takahachi Bakery was nearby - been meaning to try the sweets here for sometime. They're famous for many treats including macaroons, an assortment of cakes/pastries and ice cream. They were not quite ready for my Yuzu ice cream request just yet (still winter? Lol) nonetheless I got a few macaroons and orange blossom pastry (kind of reminds me of a sweet sponge cake). 

What a perfect way to end the day! :) 


Foodie Sidenote: Next on my stop is the Takahachi Japanese restaurant - if the sweets are sweet then the sushi must be good!