March 10, 2012

ARTIST: Abigail Ekue - The Native Creative

Photo Credit: Henry Adebonojo 
Abigail Ekue is artistry at its finest. 

She's the one face that you want to capture as a photographer. She's the one eye that you want to be captured by with her camera. Her words are those that give visual births in your mind as you read each line of her writings. Her path is one that will take you on a journey of awe as she shepherds you on a tour of the city that is always restless. 

Abigail was born and bred in New York City. She is a free spirit and speaks her mind on all things possible whether the topic at hand is about health fitness, erotica where she shares an interlude from her personal experience or where you should go to for that thing that you never thought that you wanted to do until she mentioned it. ;)

Tiombe Lockhart of Cubic Zirconia
What drew me instantly to Abigail was not just her collective literary work in "The Darker Side of Lust" but it was her photography. As a burgeoning photographer, I couldn't resist and had to take a peek inside her lens to see the world from her eyes. She is fantastic! 

She exudes trust as she captures her subjects' vulnerability as part of her many projects (e.g., "Self Portraitry", "Emotional Black Male" and "Man.Toy").  Her current project that is a work-in-progress entitled "Bare All. Be Art" features a series of nude photo essays featuring men at work, play or otherwise in their skin. 

I always look forward to her new blog posts or her quick updates to her mailing list that she sends out and these things only serve to remind us admirers of her work that she's the Native Creative all day, every day.