December 29, 2011

A Tea Soiree By Tiffany

Photo Credit: Nona Brooklyn (website)
The teas that Tiffany, owner of Tea by Tiffany, creates marvels me! I only met her this past summer at the Dekalb Market and I'm a customer-for-life. Her blends are holistic, tasty and refreshing whether enjoyed in warm or cold weather. Her chocolate tea is downright sinful!

Tiffany is a tea-scientist as she continuously experiments with new combinations. And well versed in her craft and passes on interesting tidbits of wisdom to her customers each time you partake in her blends.

I am an avid tea-lover but I have admit I consider myself a novice to this beverage genre. On occasion, I would indulge in ginger root, green tea, rooibus and earl grey, just to name a few. So when Tiffany sent us an invite to attend last night's exclusive tea soirée, attending was a must!

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
The soirée was held at a top secret location with an elegant display featuring a royal tea set, endless appetizers and a special punch based with one of her special tea blends infused with vodka (reminiscent of sorrel).

As everyone mixed and mingled throughout the night, Tiffany brought out three of her many tea blends, one that I found quite interesting was a coconut blend that helps with your digestive system that was absolutely delicious. She also schooled us on the proper way to brew your tea - yup I took notes! lol

In 2012, she will be offering these soirées on a regular basis and her teas will be featured at special events throughout the NYC-area so be sure link up with her on her website or twitter for up to date info on future events.