November 9, 2011

Peaceful Journey....Heavy D

Yesterday, we lost a great mind and artist, Dwight "Heavy D" Arrington Myers.

I didn't know him more than a celebrity headline on projects that he's worked on, the bars that he versed ever so cleverly, the suave moves he made on the dance floor and the other random life ups and downs that were shared publicly. The man that I knew was simply Heavy D ever since I was a teen.

Back in the 90's, his music (with his Boyz) introduced me to a fresh hip hop sound and showed me that big dudes got style. He showed me that you can dabble simultaneously into acting, producing, etc. in the entertainment industry but not lose your focus on your true passion...which for him was music. He was a true example of how to live a quality life out of the negative spotlight and be genuinely loved by so many. He was inspirational to all who crossed his path - for me, it was on Twitter - dishing tweets of encouragement and a bit of knowledge in between the social media banter.

No doubt, his words, action and life will be cherished for years to come. My prayers go out to the family that knew both sides of this soul - Dwight the family man and Heavy D the overweight lover.

If you have not copped his September release "Love Opus" please do so in his his other projects this one was close to his heart. In hindsight, this project takes on a more profound meaning as it was his last release doing what he did best...move the crowd in love.

- Chante