October 20, 2011

Artist Spotlight: MARIKO

Last night, I crossed paths with Mariko at the 125th train station on Lexington Avenue as she belted out a selection by Alicia Keys on my way home. This pint sized beauty hit notes with such fervor while gently strumming her guitar - I only wished I was quick enough to have captured this on video. But I digress. Luckily, I was able to grab a flier with her info as made her way down the platform giving commuters a dose of some much needed (and well deserved) delectable ear candy at 10pm -  in the midst of the MTA late night shenanigans.

Hailing from Japan and raised in Boston, Mariko has paid some serious dues. She honed her songwriting prowess while in high school. Later, she came to New York where she sharpened her skills at band battles and open mics in various venues across the city as well as shared the stage with notable artists like Pitbull, Spike Hill, Harpers Ferry and countless others.

With a new recent EP release entitled "On With the Show" soon to be released this Fall, a slew of shows under her belt and more to come, and impromptu performances as I saw last night, its safe to say that Mariko is already well on her way to realizing her dream as a successful vocalist, musician and songwriter.

She is performing tonight at Angels and Kings (500 E 11th Street) at 9:15pm! If you are in the area definitely stop by!