November 12, 2011

NYC Marathon 2011

In one word....Incredible! I checked out the annual NYC Marathon last weekend with a few thousand friends ;)  I copped my spot early Sunday morning in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  During the race, it was extremely hard for me to focus on snapping shots because I was incredibly excited to witness this for the first time especially as the runners were whizzing by. 

There were a few poignant moments when some of the runners looked like they were losing their steam. But me, along with the crowd, roared in cheer Bk-style in hopes of giving them that extra needed boost that was way more powerful than any energy drink could give. We knew this race was hard for even the most experienced runner to go the entire distance. This experience was one that will live within me for a long while--well until next year when I attend again. I'm telling you....the passion that these runners exuded invigorated me that day. 

Congrats to all the runners!! U Rawked!!!


There were furry cheerleaders too ;)

Photos by Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography