July 24, 2011

Ear Candy in Review: FE + Zo! + Muhsinah + Erick Arc + B. Renee

Zo – Just Visiting Three
He has done it once again with this latest project – a compilation of covers the Zo! way bringing that funky-goodness. This crazy beautiful project was brought to fruition with the help of acclaimed vocalists Phonte, Sy Smith, Anthony David, Eric Roberson as well as lesser known but equally amazing vocalists Jeanne Jolly and Ryan Gant. All we gotta say is “Just Visiting Three” is exceptional hotness! From the first track to the seventh, all you will say is “oh no he did not remake…” (hint: check Anthony David and his BARRY-tone). LOL This cd is classic Zo! Download and Press Play: http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/2011/07/zo---just-visiting-three.php

Muhsinah – Gone
We had the pleasure of seeing Muhsinah perform two weeks ago at the Weeksville Garden Party and she recently released her new project “Gone” which is two EPs in one – Urban and Suburban. Released on her 28th birthday, this project is simply profound! In her own words she describes “Gone” as taking “three song ideas and interpret them based on my early experiences in D.C. and VA”. Visit her website to preview and download her latest project: http://www.muhsinah.com/ In a recent email to her mailing list, she revealed a few interesting facts about herself, like she was a band member for Common and they performed at President Obama’s inaugural ball in Chicago. The most awesome fact that had our jaws dropping is that she’s a one woman team - she writes, arranges, produces, composes, records and mixes her own music. Go Muhsinah!!

The Foreign Exchange - Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange
So far on the playlist, its been a Foreign Exchange family reunion – Zo! and Muhsinah have worked with FE on many projects…great artists work well together we see :) Now let’s get to FE’s latest project, which is a bit more intimate release compared to their previous projects. It’s an acoustic, extended live set with a selected few in the audience and FE doing what they do best onstage. When you listen, you feel like you were there in the room laughing at Phonte's comical antics, grooving to the go-with-the-flow beautiful vocals of Sy Smith and Jeanne Jolly, and swaying to the creative sounds by many more guest vocals and musicians whom contribute to this dope project. “Dear Friends….” pays homage to great music birthed from FE's creative unit and the band’s appreciation to their fans. Definitely cop this release on Itunes and check their website for tour dates in your area: http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/

Erick Arc – Almost Remembered
Erick reset his own artistic bar. With raw lyrics and his team, the Flatbush Zoombies, on his latest project "Almost Remembered", he brings an edgier sound. We likes and you will too! He has been grinding for years, perfecting his skills as a lyricist and producer, setting his vision of who he wanted to represent in his music – which is simply staying true to who he is and not falling into the “swag” trap. He flew solo for most of the tracks but he did tap the shoulders of vocalists, Glasser and Kaya, on a few tracks adding another versatile layer. Throughout the cd, he discusses the importance of family those who are among the living and those whom he has lost, love relationship madness, the appreciation that he has of his gift to articulate his inner most thoughts in a different way than most in Hip Hop and making an impact on the world with each word spoken. This project proves that Erick is on the path to building something powerful that will be remembered for years to come. Download: http://erickarcelliott.com/

B. Renee – “He’ll Make It Alright” (Single)
This project is in collaboration with Bishop Eric McDaniel & Pentecostal Workshop Choir. This song is no surprise to us to hear from B. Renee. Her inspirational wisdom and soulful rendition of the gospel will help you along the path to healing. We love her music and looking forward to hearing more from this artist! To purchase her music, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/BRenee