July 11, 2011

Meshell Ndegeocello + Muhsinah @ Weeksville (Bklyn)

Over 300 or more DEEP people came to the historic Weeksville Heritage Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to see the dynamic Muhsinah and incomparable Me'Shell Ndegeocello perform!  The Synch Ladies were in the house to enjoy this summer concert as part of Weeksville’s month-long Garden Party concert series.

It was a celebration of beauty from the darkest chocolate brown to the lightest hue. It definitely was a jumping party with dance circles sprouting everywhere as people jammed to the music mixed by the infamous DJ Manchildblack. The crowd was surrounded by food vendors who were dishing up yummy light treats to keep the energy going (the sorrel lemonade was so cool and refreshing).

First up, Muhsinah stepped to the stage bringing us classics from her own creative vault as well as something new from her upcoming release later this summer. This DC honey worked the crowd of fans and newcomers with delight. Prancing, dancing and playing the heck out of her keyboard! When the sound system went screwy, she improvised as any professional would and gave us an awesome show.

Before Me’Shell came to the stage, she was introduced by a vet of the music business and a talented musician in his own right, Mr. Vernon Reid of the hard rock band, “Living Colour.”  (this is where SR’s Caprice almost lost her mind-LOL)  As the crowd listened patiently as Vernon explained a long story of true artistry, Me’Shell (who was standing in the background) made her way to the front of the stage with bass in tow; sending the audience into a frenzy!  With humbleness and a bit of humor, Me’Shell embraced us into her cipher and gave us something that cannot be duplicated. Her musicality went through our souls as she injected her rhythmic flow through her vocals and her incomparable bass. 

After the concert, the audience had a Q&A with Me'Shell where she answered questions from what inspires her, who she would like to work with & has worked with and advice to artists of who they wanted to be; do you want to do music or be a star; which is a great question to ponder for any artist doing what they do. 

Here are some shots from the concert...

The Synch Ladies enjoying the festivities!

Crowd dancing to the sounds of DJ Manchildblack
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography

Vernon Reid introducing Me'Shell 

Me'Shell wowing the crowd!