July 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight: JEANNE JOLLY

We were intro'd to JEANNE JOLLY on The Foreign Exchange's latest project. After stalking googling Jeanne, we can't get enough of her voice. We hate to put genre labels on artists but the only way to describe her sound is a mix of blues-folk-soul.

She released her project "Falling in Carolina" in 2010. You will love this as much as we do. This is a sign of more great things to come from Jeanne! To purchase "Falling in Carolina", visit ITunes, Amazon or Paypal.

She is currently on the Authenticity tour with FE and we hope that she will make her way up to NYC - would love to see her perform tunes from her release as well as some covers (Bob Dylan, Tom Watts, Whitesnake, etc...) #wishfulthinking ;)