May 2, 2011

Japan Block Fair Kicks Off - May 22nd!

The 2011 Japan Block Fair this year luanches on Sunday, May 22nd in Murray Hill (Manhattan) on Park Avenue between 34th & 40th Streets featuring a wide range of Japanese food, arts, crafts, services, and performances!

The Food....Japanese food is one fun part of the fair. From authentic noodles and curry to neo-Japanese cuisine and delicious sweets, we offer a large selection of delicious and healthy Japanese food at reasonable prices!

Shopping....Just stroll around and take your time to browse through a variety of Japanese merchandise, arts, crafts, and more. Hard-to-find handmade jewelry and traditional Japanese wraps are some of the items showcased --- enjoy the treasure hunt of a lifetime!

Entertainment...Come join us for an energetic stage live performance! Japanese cosplay (costume play) performances, traditional dance, a punk rock band, kids' drums, samurai performances... there is something for everyone. Best of all -- it's all FREE!

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(Thanks for the info Jin Y)