May 2, 2011

REVIEW: 30th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival @ BBG

Photo Credit: Vysyn Photography

This year's 30th Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival was the talk of the town in New York this past weekend especially after the recent tragedies that continue to impact Japan. The turnout for this two day festival was nothing short than amazing. There were so many people in attendance from the the fans of Japanese traditions (tea time, the art of the bonsai) to the J-Pop aficionados (manga, anime)...leaving SR's Chante in awe.

There were so many things to get into like the origami crane making station (all creations no matter how be to be sent to Japan), the bonsai tree exhibition, taikko drummers circle and of course strolling through the cherry blossom row. A gorgeous sight to see on a lovely Spring weekend!

>>Please stop by BBG to check out the cherry blossoms and the latest exhibitions in the greenhouse.

Photo Credit: Vysyn Photography
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