May 2, 2011

A Day in Prospect Heights & Crown Heights - Part One

After checking out the Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic, SR's Chante strolled to Abigail's Cafe & Wine Bar for a delicious brunch. The Synch Ladies were here a couple of months ago for a quick bite (yummy fruit tarts to go with our merlot and blush wines) during their happy hour. At that moment, we've labeled this an official Synch Stop because this place is a definite must-indulge....with an extensive wine list, offers of delectable dishes and a great excuse to see live music plus they off cooking classes for the culinary challenged.

With a light meal in her tummy, she ventured on St Johns Place towards Franklin Ave. and came across the Five Myles Gallery. The sidewalk front is inconspicious and resembles a closed garage but during its open hours there lies a simplistic sign adjacent to the open door. When the threshold is crossed, you enter the mind of the gallery director, Hanne Tierney, serving up a diverse entree of art for all of the senses. The current exhibit is Art/Sewn by guest curator Ward Mintz featuring selected works on the beauty of sewing varied mediums together into intricate patterns or showing off meticulous handiwork. This exhibition is through May 8th. The stitchwork showcased varied from the use of macrame, quilt cloth, and plastic by artists including Jessica Rankin, Emily Barletta and Linnea Giatt.

Photo Credit: VySyn Photography
After the artistic indulgence, Chante went to the Crow Hill Community Garden on Franklin Avenue (between Sterling & Park Place). At first, she didn't want to interrupt the garden work which looks incredibly marvelous considering this was an abandoned lot that was also used as a dumping ground for garbage and unwanted treasures. This beautiful space was cleaned up because residents wanted something more for their community. The foundation has been laid with a lot work left to be done by volunteers the garden will soon be completed by this summer just in tine to feature a series of movies that everyone can enjoy. For photo updates, visit their flickr page.

Speaking of Crow of the supporters of this garden, Krow Hill, has a boutique a few doors down called About Time featuring some cool tees of Brooklyn as well as a few of it's hoods (e.g, Crown Heights). Definitely stop by and pick up a tee or two to show your Bk pride!

What a journey.....and it ain't over! :)