July 31, 2010


Join us as we kick-off another edition of CELEBRATING VIRGO; as we rejoice in the 35th year of CO-FOUNDER, CHANTE RAMSEY with featured performer, Seoul Diva, HEATHER PARK, on SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 2010 at the Shrine World Music Venue. DAMAGE: $5

HEATHER PARK is not what you expect! Exuding sultry soul; and delivering a powerful strength unforeseen by her slight Korean-American frame.

Heather’s sophomore album, "STAY," explores the nuances of Love: learned, lost and reborn. Five years in the making, Heather once again partnered with producer Steve Francis to create a collection of songs that are intensely personal and prolific. Park’s music draws influence from a range of genres – R&B, hip-hop, soul, folk – masterfully culminated into a sound all her own. The album exudes Heather’s signature style of rich harmonies, refreshing live instruments and poetic rhetoric.

Infused with heavy roots reggae influences, the lead single, “Trust You” and tells a tale about a Love made inseparable by Lust. “Somebody Else” pays homage to old school hip-hop/R&B with a powerful performance about breaking free of expectations and finding comfort in your self. The album’s title song, “Stay”, allows Heather’s sultry voice to soar above the stripped down acoustic track. Deeply personal and musically sound, Stay is a musical statement of personal strife wrapped in smooth sounds and lyrical complexity. It’s beautiful, it’s tough, it’s tender – it’s uniquely hers.

Heather Park was discovered in a quirky New York tale, an example of life imitating art in some ways. Park worked in an NYC deli frequented by the program director of Hot 97 who eventually got her demo into the hands of producer Steve Francis of Stush Music.

Heather released her debut album Dream in Pictures in 2005. Influenced equally by hip-hop beats and neo-soul sirens, the album was an intimate affair as her understated cool came across in every syllable she sings. Dream in Pictures was welcomed into international success. The title track has a trip-hop twinkle and “The Life” is a mesmerizing statement with bits and pieces of an orchestra popping in and out. The “The Life (Remix)” was produced by Ron Browz and featured T-Rex was a street hit on YouTube.

Dream In Pictures received a licensing deal via Play Network, allowing songs from Dream In Pictures to played by retailers and businesses such as the GAP, The Limited and Old Navy across the country. In 2006, “Is What It Is” was selected to be licensed in Japan by renowned record company, Avex. Finally, in 2007, power ballad “Leave Me To Dream” was featured on the soundtrack to Michael Kang’s feature film West 32nd, starring actors John Cho and Grace Park.

Park’s personal lyrics and powerful voice reflect on her experiences as a Korean-American but really she just wants to find her way as a citizen of life.

Check Heather Park's website at www.hearthepark.com