July 31, 2010


Monday, July 26, SR’s Caprice headed over to The Rendezvous hosted and organized by good friend, Marko Nobles of INJOY ENTERPRISES!  Because of the trials endured by daily life, being apart of the Rendezvous at the start of a work week is something that everyone needs and SR’s Caprice sure deserved a night of music! 

First up…DAY & THE DAY SHOW BAND!  Day’s energetic vibe and powerhouse vocals echoed through the room as if he was conjuring up the rock soul music of yesterday and SR’s Caprice was under his spell!  His charismatic persona, along with the bands’ killer musicianship, reels you in making you feel apart of something great; leaving an addictive vibe in your soul as you groove to their eclectic rhythms!  One of the highlights of his performance (with a little help from the audience) was a song he created on the spot (that he should record…I’m just saying-LOL) entitled, “Lovin the Vibrations of cleaning up BP Oil” (check the video on that).  Lots of fun!!  If you want to know who DAY is (and I know you want to), visit him at:  www.whoisday.com OR www.thedayshow.com   And be sure to listen closely; he just might put a spell on YOU!

Next was a performer the Synch Ladies had the pleasure of seeing once before at The Rendezvous…SEMAJ!  Hailing from New Orleans, this tall slim beauty took the mic and demanded your attention with her brand of vocally laced rock hip hop!!  All in all, a diverse blend of sounds you will groove to and over and over again on a daily!  To check SEMAJ, visit her at:  http://semajmusic.com/

And last but not least, the featured artist of the evening…W. ELLINGTON FELTON…what do you say about this gentlemen that hasn’t already been said??  This renaissance man of soul is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing compared to the cookie cutter sounds you hear on the radio!  Though SR’s Caprice had to make her way out in the middle of his set, what was seen was nothing short of amazing and will definitely be on hand the next time he is in the building…no matter where it is!  To learn more about W. ELLINGTON, visit him at:  http://www.myspace.com/iamwesfelton OR http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_bio/artist_464238#/wellingtonfelton