July 31, 2010

(8/29) 2nd Annual Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration

Spike Lee presents the 2nd annual "Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration". If you were there last year, you know not to miss the party of the summer. Join Spike and surprise celebrity guests to jam to the magic of Michael's music throughout the day. Bring your family, friends and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes cuz we want to rock with you!

Here's a map to help you get there: bit.ly/nethermead-map

This party is FREE for everybody!

For additional updates, please check the event's facebook page at:

Brought to you by Spike Lee, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Spike DDB, and The Republic of Brooklyn.

The event is on Saturday, August 29th, at Prospect Park (Brooklyn, NY) from noon to 5:00pm.