June 23, 2010


The June edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES Music & Spoken Word series was reminiscent of being in the middle of Wonderland (sorry Alice, The Synch Ladies got this) and never wanting to leave the enchantment of it all!  We dedicated this series to womanhood!  For woman to realize their self worth, recognize their blessings, cater to their desires to love and be loved, and turning their dreams into reality.

The magic began to unfold with a performance by spoken word poet, ANDREW BOYD.  After a 13-year hiatus from performing, Andrew humbly recited one of his well noted poems, ‘Liquid Lyricals’ and in breaking his silence after all these years, we hoped that this would not be the last time he makes an appearance; whether it be at The Synch Chronicles, or elsewhere!  (drink this and you will receive gifts you won’t believe)

Our featured performer for the evening, N’TIRZAH AL REPHAIM, illuminated her extraordinarily beautiful essence and awe inspiring gifts to an audience of supporters and friends that was seriously long overdue!!  From her sensually daring poetry and songs on love (lost and then found) to poems dedicated to uplifting our men which fit in tune for the Father’s Day weekend; along with two well versed covers by Amel Larrieux and Sarah McLaughlin.  Judging from the pictures, you can tell that she shined ever so brightly; giving us the impression of being in the presence of royalty!  (we shall deem her the Queen of Hearts)

So moving on and as you know (if you have ever attended this series), there are always surprises popping up during The Synch Chronicles, and this particular evening was no different.  The Synch Ladies were introduced to a band entitled, UNINTERRUPTED, who were supposed to play at the URB ALT FESTIVAL that day; but circumstances beyond their control led them to the Shrine for food and drinks without performing after a long drive into the city.  They were hungry and ready to play!!  They asked and we received them with open arms!  With a little time left in our set, this Maryland based band rocked OUT with time for only one song and *shaking our heads* yea, it was like THAT!!  If you weren’t in the audience to witness it, than you missed it!

The evening was nothing short of amazing and there is nothing that’s going to stop our playground of showcases; bringing superb talent to the masses with an eclectic blend of independent artists of all genres from all over; continuing to spread that Synch Rhythm magic throughout the land, so we ask you…will you join us on the next adventure!?