April 28, 2010


THE SYNCH CHRONICLES is a monthly and spoken word event that captures your creative soul; bringing you talented artists locally and abroad.


This edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES is gonna bring out the CONCRETE SOUL inside of you that's itching to get out...with two amazing artists: Straight smoothness with a bit of grit from Hip Hop Artist, "MIC EL" and soulful sounds from Songstress, "MiKA" on SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010 at the Shrine World Music Venue. DAMAGE: $5


MIC EL studied music theory and percussion as a child, and being exposed to the budding hip-hop culture in the Bronx, he embodies what hip-hop is all about — raw talent, originality and unadulterated creativity. The Bronx native has spent time between his hometown and North Carolina where he was exposed to various hip-hop styles that helped mold who he is; a rapper/producer multi-tasking day-to-day to make sure his music reaches the masses. Aside from working with other up-and-coming artists, he’s pushing his soulful grooves online and through his affiliation with the North Carolina-based rap group, 'The Artkitects', and making sure he gets noticed more for his production skills; the element of hip-hop that holds more of his passion. Although he’s had some shows at small venues throughout various states in the country, he’s also garnered international attention as his music was played on radio stations spanning from New York, to Los Angeles, to Toronto and Spain. Leaving a lasting impression on his listeners with his soulful grooves, he knows how to keep the crowd moving like so many of the prolific artists he admires. Forming a bond with hip-hop culture at a young age, music is one of the few things that means as much to him as fatherhood. His musical journey began years ago but it’s far from over. Be prepared for a listening experience that will last you a lifetime. If the buzz hasn’t reached you, start counting down because soon you will recognize. For more information about Mic El, visit his website at www.myspace.com/mic_el.

MiKA has been singing since the ripe age of 5 and was born & raised in Harlem, NYC. Her love for music began as most youth, listening to her parents play all those old school tunes like Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie. She has performed background vocals for many local artists such as Collette, Gloria Ry'Ann, Adina Nyree as well as Indira Khan (daughter of Chaka Khan). MiKA's debut album "Confirmations" is due for release June 2010 (this Summer). She's truly excited about her debut project & hopes to inspire the listener w/ her heart felt lyrics & soothing rhythms. For more information on MiKA, visit her website at www.myspace.com/harlemmika.


All the Synch Ladies have to say is this...Come through and get this!!