November 10, 2009

Kimberly Nichole Brings You on a Journey

Kimberly Nichole gives listeners a taste of her live show energy with her debut release "The Yellowbrick Journey". Her rock-it-out edge on this release is perfectly accompanied by her bravato vocals invoking your musical soul to take heed sending chills down your spine from beginning to end! We love every song on this release--but, if you ask which ones are out would have to be "Peace of Mind", "Wishing in the Dark" and "Disconnected".

We have had the pleasure of seeing this petite beauty with a gentle, welcoming spirit perform several times leaving audiences speechless after she has electrified the stage and sang her ass off!

We are fans for life and know you will be too once you take a listen....

Pick up a copy of her debut at her website or on Itunes.