December 11, 2009

A One of a Kind Art Show!!

This weekend marks the inaugural New York debut of the One of the Kind Show and Sale Expo (for more info visit featuring creative artistry. SR's Chante braved the frigid temps to take in the sights and smells (pastries, wine, coffee...oh my) at this event. As soon as she stepped into the venue, she was welcomed with artwork, blown glass pieces, offer for a massage from Oasis Spa (one of the sponsoring vendors), retro leather swag, ceramic bowls/plates, etc. With a tight budget (lol), she pressed forward.

The first stop was Chanel Kennebrew's Junkprints (booth G-57) to check out her customized bags, buttons, tees and jewlery (Chante simply HAD to get the Brooklyn necklace--gotta rep the Bk!!). After chit chatting with Chanel about her dope work, Chante proceeded to meet other fantastic artists from varied backgrounds, influences and styles. One such artist included Paul Ygartua and his wife Joanne (booth F-25) who's painting "Carnival" immediately drew the art lover to his booth--he explained that this painting actually represents the new direction of his future work so be sure to see more work from Mr. Ygartua along that vein in a yet-be-named series that would feature dynamic portraits of great individuals of our past and present (a portrait is in the works of the legendary, Tupac, as we speak). Another artist that was equally enlightening, encouraging and uplifting was the Red Clay People (Booth H-43) specializing in the designing of authentic Native American couture--from intricate jewlery, beaded handbags to leather jackets, delicate shawls. Not only did Synch Rhythm's Chante left with a few items from the Red Clay People but also left with the knowledge that every dollar from items sold by this company is directly benefiting the community of the Ma-Chis Lower Creek Tribe (and other neighboring tribes).

All of these artists serve to be an inspiration to us all to be unyielding in our desire to create and continue on that path of creation (Chanel you rock!), to be boundless and limitless of how and what we create (Paul Y. save me that Carnival piece--I have a naked wall that is screaming for it!!) and never forget your beginnings within your community and continually give back to ensure artistic growth (Starlight loved conversing with you on the need for more unity of our communities!!).

Additional mentions and kudos for the wonderful exchanges had with other extremely gifted artists with warm spirits, energies and passion for their work: Michael Alfano (amazing bronze sculptures) @, Javier Gomez (wide array of photography from macro lens close ups to nature-focused work) @, Clifton Henri (phenomenal photography--had to buy his "Wings" piece) @, Lila Turjanski-Villard (cool wire and paper stick figurines) @, Etz-Ron Judaica & Gift Items (varied wooden Judiac items from traditional to the not so traditional) @, Soto & Torres (handmade bags from vintage dresses) @, Suellen J Parker (abstract artwork of glass figurines and bowls) @ and Mally Bibs Designs (colorful and durable kiddie bibs and cards) @

Wishing that she had a car and the funds to buy everything, she left with memories and awesome artwork to last a lifetime!! PLEASE do not miss the opportunity to check out this expo throughout the weekend!!!!