August 29, 2013

MUSIC: AfroPunk Weekend in Brooklyn


The Skins @ Afropunk

This past weekend at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn marked the sixth year, long awaited, 2-day Afropunk Festival (August 24th and 25th) and for the first time we (Synch Ladies, Chante and Caprice) were thoroughly delighted and in awe to be in attendance for one of the most culturally diverse festivals in NYC! 

The festival featured brilliant artists from all corners of the rock music genre; garnering a huge community of rocksters from the non-conforming youth to the mature.  This would be a looooooooong read if we named every single artists on the bill, so we'll give you a snippet of who rocked the stage: The Skins (this super polished band of young adults set off the festival with an enormous BANG), Living Colour (how could you NOT have this iconic rock band grace the stage? HUH??), Saul WilliamsQuestloveUnlocking The Truth, DJ Hernandez, Wicked Wisdom, led by Jada Pinkett Smith (yes, there was a Will Smith sighting) and a plethora of performers who unleashed a hurtin' from the early afternoon into the wee hours of the night.  Oh and NO, there is no way it stops at JUST the music!!  There was much to do and see, such as the ART WALL canvas featuring works by Ronald Wimberly; rock climbing by the Brooklyn Boulders; delicious grub from a vast array of food vendors (shouting out Phin & Phebes!!) and The SpinThrift Market to "feed your shopping fix" from customized t-shirts to jewelry and everything in between!

In the mist of all the weekend excitement, we chatted briefly about the festival and the legacy of rock music (take a listen here) in all its splendor. 

There is no doubt that we will be back next year and hopefully, SR's Caprice will get a chance to rock the stage with the best of them!  

Until next year AfroPunk and keep ROCK ALIVE!!!

-Synchronized Rhythm