June 29, 2013

FOOD: Tea By Tiffany's Green Meditation

Green Tea Chocolate Granola - courtesy of Tea By Tiffany
Photo Credit: Chante/VySyn Photography 
Tea and mediation go hand and hand - that's what I along with a few other guests learned at last night's green tea meditation event hosted by Tea By Tiffany at Asali Yoga in Harlem. The evening was filled with learning, sharing, embracing a renewed way of thinking and tea tasting, of course.

After returning from the recent annual tea industry event in Las Vegas, Tiffany treated us to four teas from Korea and Japan that she brought back from the conference. 

Let me know you...this tea is indescribable. It is pure, high-quality tea from the farms of the shaded, unshaded and mountain sides of lands far away that when sipped you feel as if you are being transported to those parts unknown.


Aside from the tea leaf offerings, we indulged our senses to sweet green-inspired treats, like the one above, as well as our spirits to the inspirational words of meditation speakers, Alan Watts and Jiddu Krishnamurti.

After a long, long week at the office, this was the perfect way to kick off my weekend with great tasting tea and a lesson in meditation.

Tiffany will continue to host these themed events more frequently so I encourage you to join her mailing list for updates and if you are interested in a private tea tasting contact her here.

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