May 6, 2013

FOOD: A Gourmet Pantry Curated for the Soul

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Tonight, I stopped by Joseph Riley Land's Gourmet Pantry pop-up shop that recently opened late last week and is conveniently located in a cozy spot at the renowned Astor Row Cafe.

The pantry is made up of carefully selected items that you would find in chef extraordinare Joe's kitchen. He stands by everything that his shop sells 100%. The Gourmet Pantry represents so many regions as far as Argentina and as close as New Jersey. This shop is all Joe - an eclectic blend of tastes that suits all of your kitchen needs from balsamic vinaigrette, wide array of artisanal sweets, red peppers, butters, grits and so much more. And this is only the beginning!

You can hear it straight from the man himself via his blog.

He is my go-to person for anything foodie related - he got me hooked on Moravian cookies (all of them!) just last year and I'm now trying to figure out the many ways to eat La Salamandra's dulce de leche instead of simply dipping a spoon in the rich tasting sinful treat.

I'm in awe by Joe's tenacity to see his vision become a reality and am looking forward to seeing his brand at local markets across the city as well as the shop's special events coming in the near future. In the meantime, join me and hop on the MTA then stroll your way to Joe Riley's Gourmet Pantry. 

Congratulations, Joe!!