May 10, 2013

ART: Little Teapot

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
I'm beyond giddy with the clay tea set that Lindsay of Little Bearpots custom made for me.

After meeting her at the LaunchPad event a couple of months ago, I became an instant fan of her craftsmanship. She creates so many exotic pieces that I simply had to ask her to make a teapot for me and it was not a challenge for her at all.

While I gave her creative freedom, we did collaborate on the types of glazes and surfaces that would work for this piece since I was looking for something subtle yet classic. And I was looking for yunomi-style cups for my tea sessions.

It turned out wonderfully!! My first steeping was with a Rooibos tea blend...but of course!

I'm so looking forward to steeping many more leaves in this pot


The brew is ready!
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography