December 25, 2011


As many across the world open their gifts in joyful tidings shared with family featuring treasures of the electronic persuasion, fruity scented candles, sexy flannel-wear, just to name a few, I was pleased to open my inbox this morning to new ear candy...the first music goodie is by the artist known simply as  Tess

For those that don't know Tess (shame on you!), she fuses Hip Hop, Rock and Soul to bring to the masses what she calls 'Hip Rock & B' - we love her diversity!  She's performed like crazy in NYC (including the Apollo Cafe earlier this year) and abroad alongside Musiq Soulchild, JT Taylor (of Kool & the Gang) and more. While she is working on her new project that will drop in 2012, for the holidays, she gave us something special to sweat to as we work off that sweet potato pie, collards, gumbo, turkey, chicken, stuffing.....etc ;)