March 15, 2012

PSA: Arts Education in Schools Becoming Extinct

Washington Watch with Roland Martin and special guests: Debbie Allen, Jackee, Dondre Whitfield and Brian White 
We have all heard the countless debates and discussions about how important arts education in public schools are to our children. We all have heard about or have seen the reduction of cultural arts opportunities from dance programs being discontinued to funding becoming less available to replace even the simplest piece of equipment for our music programs. Concurrently, we see community based arts program funding being severely cut and/or eliminated across the country. This has got to stop!

If we do not speak up with our votes or with our wallets, we will have generations of young people with no creative outlet that we all took advantage of when we were their age.

I urge you to do something to support your local arts programs - donate, vote, speak and repeat!!