March 10, 2012

LADIES MONTH in MUSIC: Toni Braxton, Monica & Brandy

March is Women's HerStory Month and I'm glad that my first post in the month that belongs to us women are about three women who I've grown up listening to and admiring for their commitment to their artistry and their families without compromise.

Toni Braxton gives us a smash with her lastest single "I Heart You" from her forthcoming project. I'm not gonna lie - I'm not a fan of the Braxton Family Values or any of those plethora of reality shows (just not my thing). So I'm no an avid watcher to check on what Ms. Braxton is up to these days but what I do love about Toni is that she doesn't give up with continuing to bless her fans with that voice of hers. I'm extremely sighing a "woosahh" of relief that she has found time to work on her new project between the reality show with her sisters, her being a role model for those combating health conditions as serious as hers, being a great mom to her boys and overcoming financial and personal woes so publicly. Simply. Amazing! Go 'head Ms. Toni B!

Monica and Brandy did the damn thing with their latest collab on "It All Belongs To Me" giving us fans of their previous collab track "The Boy Is Mine" some closure on that drama. I have grown up along side these young ladies watching them from afar and wishing I could rock the mic like only they can. I'm so proud of the women that they have become and over the years are mothers to beautiful children. This track rocks without a doubt and I'm so looking forward to hearing more music from well as together - that would a dope duo for real!