February 26, 2012

How Did I End Up Here? THE PULP & THE BEAN (Brooklyn, NY)

After an enjoyable but brrrrisk winter Saturday, I ended up at The Pulp & the Bean sipping a toasty, delicious butterscotch latte.

If you were out and about the city yesterday, you have got to admit it was as windy as Chicago on a good day. OMG! That howling wind didn't stop me from venturing out in Brooklyn though - it didn't scare me one bit...I'm undeniably fearless when armed with layers of clothing, scarves and gloves!

After a visit to my cousin's house (family time is so important these days), my journey started out at Abigail's Cafe & Wine Bar for a glass of libations and an appetizer or two. As I approached the spot, I noticed how empty it was on an early Saturday afternoon - usually it is half to completely filled during brunch. I was giddy with surprise b/c the wait wouldn't be incredibly long. So I thought. Then it hit me - there's no chef in the kitchen today. The cruel joke that life played at that moment having me trek all the way over here not to be able to nosh on a tasty delectable. Nonetheless, I turned this lemonade of hilarity into a worthwhile trip thanks to the staff at Abigail's. I stayed, laughed with the staff who were steadily debating should they stay open and have another beer or close early and have more beer, and all the while I kept warm with a glass of Cabernet listening to jazz and reggae echoing throughout the venue. This experience made me look at my own recent disappointments or what I call the nuances of life and laugh a bit b/c life is all about how you maneuver those ups and downs. I must admit I tend to get a bit philosophical with a glass of wine in my hand.

I digress.

Once I realized my glass was half empty and my stomach was growling I headed out on the prowl for something to eat. My tummy screamed for Caribbean cuisine so I walked nearby to Washington Avenue.

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
"The Higher We Climb The Further We See" Washington Avenue mural
Initially I was heading towards The Islands restaurant b/c of their high ratings on Yelp but they were still setting up shop and I couldn't wait for that. My appetite demanded prompt satisfaction (lol). So I opted for another small Caribbean shop, Natural Blend, a few doors down for a chicken patty. Not bad! They also have saltfish, ackee, breadfruit, tofu patties, smoothies, etc. to serve the noshing needs of every carnivore and vegetarian. Afterwards, I developed a serious sweet tooth. I skipped (yes I really skipped) over to CandyRush on Franklin Avenue for some ice cream.

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Yes! I know it was freezing outside and Yes! this place has wall-to-wall candy but my palate craved ice cream instead. To be specific, dulce de leche. If you love the sweets like I do, I highly recommend a visit to this favorite spot of mine - check out their wall of candy sweets, ice cream flavors galore and other special foodie treats (e.g., cake pops, waffles, etc.). After you select your sweet of choice grab a chair in the parlor or in the backyard (when its warm) and partake.

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Finally, the wind took its toll on me and I was homebound but before venturing to the underground city, I grabbed me a latte at The Pulp & Bean which boasts of hundreds of latte & frappe flavors and they deserve that title!! (Starbucks, who?)


SideNote: This is the first post of a series that I should've started eons ago. When I'm feeling less of my usual plan-every-millisecond Virgo-self, I live vicariously through my instincts and appetite as my compasses of choice. I let my inner vision be my guide to my unknown destinations - and ok my iPhone travel and foodie apps are within reach. Stay tuned for the next installment.