February 14, 2012

AFRIKA 21: The Mixtape Project

During the Social Media Week: Meet the Afropolitans event last night, Ngozi Odita of Society HAE announced the recent release of the third installment of the AFRIKA21 The Mixtape project.

What is the Afrika21 Mixtape Project? Afrika21 is the definitive voice of Africa's emerging creative thinkers in music, art & culture. Presently, coverage of the continent╩╝s fundamental weaknesses - civil war, poverty, and helplessness, overshadow the well of innovation rapidly emerging from Africa and the Diaspora. Afrika21 gives audiences a first hand look at 21st century contemporary African music and culture to create a new dialogue around Africa.

The Afrika21 Mixtape Project is an opportunity to celebrate Africa╩╝s next wave of musicians, highlight the renaissance taking place on the continent and raise the profile of people and organizations working toward framing a new vision of Africa in the 21st century.

You can support this project by donating, sharing, downloading and listening!